LM 2 INTERVIEWS. The AIME 2022 conference is different from the competition. Why is it so different? Pr Jean-Paul MENINGAUD and Pr Barbara HERSANT.

Interview The AIME 2022 conference stands out from the competition. Why is this so? Pr Jean-Paul MENINGAUD and Pr Barbara HERSANT Long live the AIME 2022 Congress in Paris. This congress is different from the competition! Why is it different? Because we celebrate human exchange through the size of the venue and promote a comfortable and inclusive environment through the use of a [...]

LM1 . Why is the launch of L&M magazine an important event? Dr Hugues CARTIER

Interview Hugues Cartier, MD, France. Interview Hugues Cartier, MD, Dermatologist. Hugues Cartier is in charge of IMCAS global course coordinator for all IMCAS congresses. He is also associate editor for Dermatology Therapy. Dermatologist, phlebologist and dermlaserist at the Clinic Saint-Jean, Arras, France. He is also the chief of wound care in the dermatology department of [...]