The symbolism of hair: frizzy hair. Doctor Alain BERKOVITS.

Frizzy hair. "The symbolism of hair " Alain Berkovits MD Doctor Alain Berkovits, Consultation Centre. Jules Vernes Clinic, Nantes. The symbolism of hair is very strong in all peoples and in all times: - In India, shorn hair is offered as a sign of humility towards their God. - Catholic monks shaved their heads [...]

Facial asymmetry a way to quantify photo-aging. Pr Philippe HUMBERT.

Pr Philippe HUMBERT Abstract This study highlights the role of photoaging and predominantly lateralized ultraviolet exposure as a determinant of facial asymmetry. Photoaging is a phenotype of an individual that is considered to be the part of aging related to solar irradiation, which can be summarized as ultraviolet irradiation if we disregard infrared. More than [...]