L&M is your new digital and paper magazine dedicated to anti-aging medicine professionals. 

L&M offers you serious scientific articles treated in a lively, modern and attractive style, combining the most advanced studies with rich and varied visual aids combining images, diagrams and videos. 

L&M publishes news, surveys, therapeutic procedures, clinical research studies, good practice advice in aesthetic medicine.

L&M is interested in the aesthetic characteristics of all areas of the human body that need to be known in order to preserve or restore them.

L&M N°1 February 2021


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An original editorial line


"L&M" a medical journal dedicated to aesthetic health".

The "concept of care in the context of aesthetic health takes into account the "self-concept where "the self-image plays a major role.

This concept of care of today's medicine must integrate an aesthetic dimension in the practice of all medical acts.

Because the patients' demand, whether explicit or implicit, is constantly increasing, even demanding.